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On wednesday New York Times wrote an article where they describe Intel's position against Vista stating:

Large companies routinely hold off a year or so after a new version of Windows is introduced before adopting it, waiting for initial bugs to be eliminated and for applications to be written. “But by 18 months, you’d expect to see a significant uptake, and we haven’t seen that,” said David Smith, a Gartner analyst. “There’s not much excitement.”
Microsoft states that there are 140million Vista systems at the moment worldwide (because many of the pre-build systems have Vista by default and they don't know if ppl installed something else on them or not).

Well if i were in Microsoft's shoes i would be a bit embarrased that a huge company like Intel (which have written large portions of the source-code for vista) admit they won't use Vista on their corporate machines. Another slap for Vista from possibly the biggest company to ever go public about not using the "new & cool" o/s. Surprinsingly enough many of Intel's machines use the o/s from Apple (LOL)... so they prefere using the competition rather than their own work.

Maybe they will use Windows 7
which is scheduled to go on sale in January 2010, cause the 7 years old XP is already out of "production and support" since Vista launched as MS told us, allthought they released a SP3 for it that was the last we're gonna hear from it...

Now... if Windows 7 will be a "Windows ME reloaded" as some rumours have it then the only options will be to either remain on an 9 years old operating system (in 2010) or switch to alternatives from Apple or Linux. Anyway's till then i'm very happy with my XP/Ubuntu dual-boot which i would not delete for anything in the world.
As a sidenote i only have the NTFS partition cause the webcam support is kinda bad and many "newer" games dont realy work that good on Linux, though i have a feeling that will change till the end of this year cause skype for Linux already supports videochat (not too good right now but it's decent).
I see the Windows -> OSX/Linux transition like the IE-> Firefox/Opera/Safari transition... where people realised that open-source applications are lots of times better than the ones we're paying hundred of dollars. How many years will it take to escape the "Windows Monopol?"... no one knows actually but i predict 2015 as a good start for BIG changes, but again... who knows how computers will look like in 7 years? GPU's wanna take off the load from the CPU's... others wanna integrate RAM into the CPU and the number of cores doubles on a 1-2 years basis.

We shall live and see... oooook who wants to play some Mario on the old TV-hooked Nintendo box? hehehehehe...


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