Technology as a way of life

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser...

First of all... for the majority who's thinking WTF is a Dacia, well... it has 4 wheels and wants to look/feel/be a car... kinda... u can get more info about it HERE. (if ur interested in not interesting stuff)

And this is the "one of a kind" Special Dacia Tuning Edition (the Mona Lisa of all tunings i ever seen), i'll keep the nasty comments to myself because after seeing that "thing" I'm in a temporary blindness state (which is a good thing considering i won't see that "car" again).

PS: can anyone tell me what that round thing on the hood want's to be???

Hmmm compare that to the world's #2 ugliest car ever made (link to article) which is the Fiat Multipla and you realise that our's is the CLEAR WINNER! Go go go Bucharest! I knew we could beat the crap out of them... oh wait... oooops that's a bad thing :|


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