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Romania will officially switch to winter time (Eastern Europe time) on Saturday night (Oct. 25/26), when clocks will go back by one hour at 4 a.m., which will become 3 a.m.

Romania from Sunday will go back to the GMT+2 time.

Several countries from Europe as well as the United States will switch to winter time, by turning back the clocks by one hour. Three European Union countries (Britain, Ireland and Portugal) will switch back to the GMT, while Spain, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and the Netherlands will set the clocks at GMT+1. At the same time, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia and Lithuania will set the clocks at GMT+2.

The Central European Time (CET) will stay six hours forward from the European Standard Time (EST). CET will be one hour forward from the GMT (down from the original two hours) and EST will be five hours forward compared to the GMT (up from the original four hours). -AGERPRESS-


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