Technology as a way of life

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser...

Walking house ! This house was built in Denmark by a team of engineers to give an idea about an alternative eco-lifestyle. It is written in the official walking house website that there are solar panels and little windmills to collect energy from the natural environment. It can collect the rain water and there is a toilet system as well.

This 6 legged hydrological living form was inspired by the traditional nomadic culture of Romanis. There is a crazy idea as well we should note. You can establish a walking village with thousands of walking houses, in theory.


Walking house could easily be equipped with specialized modules for various forms of productions like greenhouses, small factories etc. A WALKING HOUSE or a WALKING VILLAGE could supply means for the inhabitants to make a living in this way while moving through the Landscapes and cityscapes. As an example a WALKING VILLAGE could be specialized in food production or special modules for fish farming, greenhouses and so on could be part of the construction.


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