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I am testing Windows 7 beta (build 7000) and reporting any errors i may encounter (if any). So far it seems like the best OS Microsoft ever released. Many aspects of it are copied from Vista but it has it's share of novelty and the speed is just amazing. Opening windows, applications and even booting at blazing fast speeds compared to Vista and even XP.

The actual install was nice and simple (and also fast), with most of the drivers already installed: The onboard audio card works just fine without any official drivers, so does my wireless keyboard&mouse (the media buttons are working), the video card (nvidia) was also recognized (i recommend installing the drivers from Nvidia for gaming). My network card was not detected but fortunately i had my Vista drivers on the mainboard cd and i used those. (forgot to mention that Windows 7 is compatible with the Vista drivers but some driver packs refuse to install but there are workarounds for that).

Let me list some applications i tested and are working without any problems:
  • Yahoo messenger 9
  • Firefox 3
  • MediaMonkey 3
  • Teamviewer 4
  • Photoshop CS4
  • 3DMark 2001/2006
  • Game Cheat Engine
  • uTorrent
  • Fraps
  • WinRAR
  • Office 2007

Applications which don't work (even with compatibility mode)
  • Daemon Tools which i replaced with VirtualCloneDrive (works with no probs at all).

Games which i tested and are working without any problems:
  • Flatout 2: Ultimate Carnage (smoother gameplay+ a few fps)
  • Left4Dead
  • Assasin's Creed
  • GTA 4 (smoother gameplay + a few fps)
  • Stalker: Clear Sky (smoother gameplay)
  • Anno 1701


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