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There are definitely a lot of Windows 7 builds that get leaked in the last weeks. The latest which appeared on popular Bittorrent websites just a few hours ago is Windows 7 Build 7057 32-bit which has been created by Microsoft just six days ago. The latest leaked build of Windows 7 comes with several interesting changes that are worth mentioned. The expiry date for build 7057 has been set to March 2, 2010 which is almost a year from now and nearly seven months after the officially released beta version expires. This could hint at a release of Windows 7 in early 2010...

A Neowin user posted the following information on the website:

Functionality Changes:

1. First of all, UAC (User Account Control) issue has been fixed.

2. Now, if you change the size of the icons Superbar changes and the size of the Superbar.

3. Now, if you change the settings UAC opens a separate window, not the page of Control Panel.

4. The system does become a smaller scale as compared to 7048, and much more.

Visual changes:

1. Active windows now blink 7 times as mentioned.

2. Changed icons Editor personal character and program of recovery disc.

3. The watermark now says Evaluations copy instead of for testing purposes only.

4. Several new wallpapers.

5. Many new icons added to user.

6. All references to sending feedback have disappeared

7. New logon/shutdown background


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