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Earlier today Windows 7 Build 7137 made its appearance on various P2P websites where it is distributed as both a 32-bit and 64-bit release. The build string 7137.0.090521-1745 gives us the information that the build was compiled less than a week ago on May 21.

windows7 build7137

Users who got their hands on the latest leak should check the hash of the download to make sure that they got a product that has not been modified.


  • MD5 2f7520915dff55380e979e67ae4687db
  • SHA1 ff9c8751095e77be0fd4a0a0a937e3eab0c18943
  • CRC32 3d4eef0c
  • Size 2.37 GB


  • MD5: 0d863472414efc337d032e8ed33c347b
  • SHA1: 8e35d15281a554fd890ad682249e485b9b82278c
  • CRC32: 06047573
  • ISO size 3.04 GB

Download from: Mininova

No changelog available at this moment, but we can expect some bugfixes & compatibility improvements.


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