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The RIAA has won another case against a P2P file sharer, this time with a sum of a massive $1.92 million.

A federal jury found Jammie Thomas-Rasset guilty for willful infringement of 24 copyrights held by four major record labels. Ars Technica reported that Thomas-Rasset gasped and eyes widened as the dollar amount was read to the court.

The $1.92 million award to the RIAA over the 24 songs works out to be $80,000 per song. This was the outcome of the retrial of the original decision to award the RIAA with $9,250 per song. Apparently, the jury felt that Thomas-Rasset was a liar and thus handed down the harsh penalty.

Evidence against Thomas Rasset included the MAC addresses of both her cable modem and her Ethernet card, her username on Kazaa and her hard drive replacement.

Thomas-Rasset doesn’t appear to have any intentions on paying the RIAA. "They did their job… I'm not going to hold it against them," she said. "Good luck trying to get it from me... it's like squeezing blood from a turnip."


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