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Last year Jammie Thomas lost her retrial against the RIAA and was ordered to pay $1.92 million in damages for sharing 24 songs using Kazaa.

Just days after a judge reduced the $1.92m damages bill handed down to Jammie Thomas to a slightly more sensible $54,000, her legal team have turned down an offer to settle for $25,000.
Outrage at the huge damages eventually resulted in Judge Davis lowering the damages last week to $54,000.
To try and bring the whole sorry episode to an end, yesterday the RIAA made an offer to Thomas to settle the case for $25,000, if she agreed to ask the judge to “vacate” last week’s decision, which means removing it from the record.
Her lawyers immediately rejected the offer, indicating they would only accept a settlement which means Thomas has to pay nothing.
The RIAA said that this rejection means that they will now challenge the judge’s decision last week to lower the $1.92m damages.
Will this ever come to an end? What a complete waste of money.


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