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Swedish Performing Rights Society plays up the results, but admits was compiled using data obtained from ad respondents and not per a statistical group model.

The Swedish Performing Rights Society (STIM) has released a study titled “Pirates, File-Sharers and Music Users”(.pdf) that claims 86.2% of online music fans would pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for legalized file-sharing.

Only 5.2% said they wouldn’t be interested.

When asked how much they would be willing to pay, 51.8% said between SEK 50 ($5.84 USD) and SEK 150 ($17.53) per month. Some 18.8% would consider paying between SEK 150 and SEK 300 ($35.08), and 21.7% would pay less than SEK 50 ($5.84) per month.

This sounds cool but the plan has its drawbacks. What’s to say other copyright holder groups like the movie or gaming industry don’t come along and demand their own monthly subscription fee?

(Source: Zeropaid)


buy cheap mp3s said...

Wow, 86%! That's madness and means that there really is no excuse for illegal downloads to still be happening.

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