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Taiwan approved a law which bans the P2P protocol use and makes it a crime in effort that the copyrighted work will not be distributed online anymore. The new law tells IPSs to use a "3 strikes" method for file-sharers.

In the future the ISPs will be exonerated from taking responsibility for the illegal actions of their customers by using a "takedown" system for the infringing content.

They will have to introduce the "3 strikes" method to the file-sharers and after the third "stike" the ISP can take a few measures against the user including throttling or disconnecting.

This method does not protect the file-sharers from any legal action against them, so frankly they can be disconnected and fined for the "damages". The law's primary targets are the heavy uploaders and not the casual users.

Taiwan sides with France and believes that the new legislation will be effective in reducing copyright infringement on file-sharing networks. In addition, Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Office will also launch an anti-piracy publicity drive to help the public understand the new legislation and the ‘problem’ of piracy.


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